I’m excited! Mum and Oak come back next week! Papa and I can’t wait to hang out with them and I’m planning to take them for lots of long walks to show them the autumn colours that are appearing!

Not long to Christmas, whatever that is. I think it means presents!

Dad and I went on a road trip this week to see Meg dog on Grandma and Granddad’s new canal boat! They are working hard to make it nice again and Dad had to help whilst Meg dog and I supervised to make sure everything was done to her liking, you know, got to keep Meg dog happy!

We even stayed the night which meant I had to sleep in my little crate, luckily Dad let me sleep right next to him so I wasn’t lonely, the next morning we did some more work and came home. I was very tired when we got back climbed right onto my spot on the sofa for a nice long lap.

I hope you had lots of adventures this week friends!

Its been a busy week around here! Mum and baby Oak went on their big trip to Canada, they left Dad here to look after me so I’ve been making sure he gets lots of walks and plenty of running around in the garden with my ball.

Got to keep him in shape you know!

We’ve also had some lazy days relaxing on the sofa watching manly tv and movies, I just have to be careful what I let Dad see, wouldn’t want him to watching anything too scary, he might not sleep! Luckily I’m big and brave, nothing scares me.

You guys! I had an amazing walk with Mum and Dad on Sunday, they took me all the way to Amersham, we used to go a lot when I was a puppy, we even went to the first spot I was allowed off the lead!

I was really happy to be back, especially walking down the high street with Mum and baby Oak after we got a coffee. Afterwards we sat in the park and enjoyed the sunshine and I played with all the doggies that came to see me.

Mum gave a me a very important job this week, I had to watch Baby Oak! That meant I had to be close to him anytime Mum was busy making my breakfast or dinner, you know, the most important job in the house.

Anyway, he gave me some funny looks, and sometimes he wouldn’t even look at me! I guess being 4 months old means he has a lot to look at and even my beautiful frenchie face can get boring I guess.

Sorry I am a few days behind in posting my week, lots has been happening and I have had to help with Baby Oak!

Well, I like to think I am helping but for some reason Mama and Papa won’t let me hold Oak, it would make this babysitting thing much easier. Instead I help him get exercise in the garden by throwing the ball with Papa. In the evenings I help Mama give Oak a bath, I am chief supervisor.

I got to go on a nice long walk this morning with Mama, Papa and baby Oak! It was really nice and sunny, I met a few other bigs dogs too. I tried to show them that I was as big as them, but they just barked and then walked away..

Mama and Papa were picking berries off a bush, I kept trying to ask for one but they kept saying no! I don’t think that is very kind, not sharing with me. Papa said I don’t eat blackberries, but if he would give me one then I would eat it.

You guys! I’ve had a great day! Mum & Dad took me to meet all of baby Oak’s friends. I had a great time running around with the other doggies and ignoring Dad when he called me back, doesn’t he understand I’m busy being me..

They also took me for a swim in the water, I thought that stuff was only at my favourite park or the sea side, it was just what a needed after a hard day running around.

I hope we get to go back soon

Hi guys!

It’s been quite quiet around here this week so I’ve mostly been snuggling with Mum and baby Oak, Dad even got lots of photos of us playing on the bed, I always make sure to be careful of baby Oak though, he is only little!

Hey guys! Remember I mentioned my new bells last week? Well I made sure that Dad got a photo of them, he was even clever enough to get one of me hitting them. He is one smart guy!

Anyway, like I said I hit them when I want Mum and Dad to let me know, it normally takes them a little while to get to me, silly slow humans. Its like they have something else to do.

Anyway, I’ve spent lots of time in the garden this week, its been cooler so I can lay out and get my tan on without getting too hot. Lets hope it carries on!

Well guys, I managed to avoid the storm!

Mum and Dad didn’t even try to take me out this morning, they know I prefer to snuggle in bed with them rather than walking around in the rain. I get the impression they quite like to stay in bed as well, maybe I should let them every now and then… Nope! That would be silly, everyone knows walks are the best thing ever when its not raining!

Anyway, I don’t know if you remember but I used to have bells at our old house for me to ding when I wanted to get in to the garden, well guess what! They are back! And I’m making sure to ring them lots, even if I just want to sit on the mat and watch the rain fall.

I’m sure Mum and Dad love that as well! I’ll make sure Dad gets a picture of them for next week

Looks like all my Canadian visitors have gone now, I had so much fun having my aunties and Nanny visiting. Maybe one day I get to go and visit them! That would be so much fun, I hear there are lots of parks and water to play in and they even have Frenchies just like me there!

On second thought, a long time on an aeroplane might not be the most fun way to travel I much prefer our car rides when I can look out the windows and make faces at the other people in cars! Maybe we could drive to Canada! 

Well o well, have you seen this weather!?

Its a little hot for Frenchie like me, but Mum and Dad have been making sure I’m back inside from my walk before its get hot so I get to roll and sprint around in the cool morning air. Luckily they know I’m a free spirit and like that kind of thing.

My Auntie has come from Canada to see me, I’m not sure what has taken them so long, I’m almost 2 1/2! I guess they had to make the trip to check on baby Oak, but seriously, we all know why they came really.

Guys, I am sad. My Nanny who came all the way over from Canada to see me has gone back home today. I know she came to see me, she brought lots of toys that Mum and Dad are pretending are for baby Oak, but we know who they really are for!

Nanny won’t tell anyone, but I’m her favourite! We cuddled on the sofa, she even played football with me in the garden! I took her on long walks out in the country fields behind the house! Oh Nanny, come back soon!