Well o well, have you seen this weather!?

Its a little hot for Frenchie like me, but Mum and Dad have been making sure I’m back inside from my walk before its get hot so I get to roll and sprint around in the cool morning air. Luckily they know I’m a free spirit and like that kind of thing.

My Auntie has come from Canada to see me, I’m not sure what has taken them so long, I’m almost 2 1/2! I guess they had to make the trip to check on baby Oak, but seriously, we all know why they came really.

Guys, I am sad. My Nanny who came all the way over from Canada to see me has gone back home today. I know she came to see me, she brought lots of toys that Mum and Dad are pretending are for baby Oak, but we know who they really are for!

Nanny won’t tell anyone, but I’m her favourite! We cuddled on the sofa, she even played football with me in the garden! I took her on long walks out in the country fields behind the house! Oh Nanny, come back soon!

I don’t know about you but I love the summer!

I get up, get Mum and baby Oak up and make sure they get their walking clothes on and out the door we go! Before it gets to hot, we walk in the fields behind the house! I chase animals, birds and bugs the long grass is good fun for playing tricks on Mum!

The best thing about our new house, is the big field behind! Now that it is summer, we are going on evening walks and even taking baby Oak! The other night Mum, Dad, baby Oak and I went for a walk and then sat in the grass just having fun, I rolled about while Dad took photos!

I got to go on a picnic!

We drove all the way to London, to meet Mum’s cousin and sister at Hampstead Heath for lots of food and fun in the sun! And boy was it fun! I went in the water, played with some other pooches and even played football! I love summer, I hope Oak like summer too so we can play lots!

For some reason this week Mum has started to put baby Oak in the sink in the bathroom.. I know the feeling little brother. Mum use to put me in the kitchen sink!

I have made sure to always watch over Oak, just in case Mum gets the idea of giving him a shower! I don’t know what she is thinking!

I am loving this sunny weather! Lounging in my big garden, going for walks with Mum and baby Oak. Why can’t it be like this all the time! 

Another fun thing about the sun, all the flies that are about! Fly hunting season has begun friends!

Hi friends! I have been busy this week, going for walks with Mum and Dad and making sure baby Oak knows the way we go. I can’t have him messing up these walks!

Do you see that beautiful lady pooch, yep thats the one and only Zazu! We went over for a visit yesterday. She has a giant backyard, I made sure to pee on everything! She also sort of not really shared some tasty bones with me. I hope we get to go on a fun adventure together again soon!

I have been a big brother for 1 week. At first all of the funny noises kind of freaked me out. But Mum and Dad seem to have it under control.

Oak didn’t understand what Dad was doing with the camera, I tried to tell him to be still and look cute.. I hope he learns soon because not everyone wants to look at his smushed face. 

Something crazy happened this weekend! Remember how Mum had a big belly, well that is gone! I got to have a sleep over with Meg dog, and when Mum and Dad came to pick me up there was a little tiny thing that makes funny noises and moves really suddenly. He also smells so yummy, I want to lick his hair. 

His name is Oak, i think I will have fun with him soon!

I really like my new house, all of the boxes are now unpacked. I have all my old things and I have been enjoying my afternoons asleep on my sofa with my comfy blanket.

I have been giving Mum extra snuggles recently, I think she needs them. Her belly is really big, and it takes up space when I try to snuggle with her. I hope she does something about that soon, I miss my space.

I had the best morning ever! At first I was annoyed that after I so kindly let Mum and Dad have a lay in until half 7 that they dragged me to a cafe before taking me for a walk!

They kept promising I would make new friends, and see other Frenchies! I didn’t believe them.

But, I guess sometimes they do tell the truth! I got to meet other Frenchies who live near me! We went walking at Ashridge, there was mud puddles, and blue flowers, and lots of exploring! It was getting warm, but all the mama’s had water so no one was too thirsty. I hope I get to see my new friends again soon! 

Friends, I am a very tired French this evening! 

I helped Mum and Dad move into our new house!! I was a bit worried when they started to pack all their things, what if they didn’t take me with them.. that would not be very nice. But guess what! When we got everything into the new house today, Mum set up my crate! My big crate I used in our old flat! I got so excited and helped Mum unpack all my toys and blankets. I am definitely staying I think.